Important Nuances Of The Redevelopment Of An Apartment In A Panel House

Apartments in panel houses, erected 20-30 years or more ago, do not differ in high comfort. In such buildings, there are many partitions inside, which testifies to the small area of ​​residential and non-residential premises. According to modern design requirements, such apartments need redevelopment. Only in this case will it be possible to expand the apartment and make it as comfortable and cozy as possible. However, before you make redevelopment in a panel apartment, think several times carefully. Is it really worth making your plans a reality?

Difficulties Of The Redevelopment Of An Apartment In A Panel House

Having decided to re-plan an apartment in a panel house, first of all, understand that it will take a lot of money to develop the design documentation required for this. Without it, it is strictly forbidden to make changes to the living space. Otherwise, problems with the housing inspection and fines cannot be avoided. In the event of a prohibited redevelopment, you will have to bring the apartment back to its original state. This will take money, time, and effort. In addition, in the absence of project documentation, as a result, there is a very high risk of getting something that does not meet expectations. In such a situation, there can be no question of any comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

If you decide to create additional openings or demolish the window sill, then the development of project documentation cannot be avoided. It is also important here in advance to visit the neighbors on the floor above and below and ask them if there is an opening in such places. If there is one, then you will most likely not be allowed to create an additional opening.

This is a mandatory requirement. Based on the survey carried out, the engineers will develop an appropriate conclusion on the technical condition of the structures of the residential / non-residential premises to determine the possibility of carrying out the planned reconstruction and/or redevelopment / the supporting structures are affected. Also, the obtained information is needed by engineers to create a project for the redevelopment of the premises. Based on the set of documents received from them, it will be possible to agree on the redevelopment in the Moscow Housing Inspectorate.